Mercer Stainless Tanks & Silos

Mercer Stainless tanks & silos are used in a wide variety of industries for storing and blending a range of liquids, powders and free-flowing solids.

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Mercer Industrial Heating and Cooling Range

Mercer can offer a complete range of process solutions from design and supply of standalone products to a complete engineered system with installation, commissioning, calibration and validation

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Welcome to the Mercer Group of companies

The original Mercer company was established in 1884 by Mr James Mercer in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The company has been listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange for over 25 years.

The Mercer Group is structured into a number of business units.

Mercer Stainless

Mercer Stainless is a designer and fabricator of stainless steel and associated equipment for the industrial, dairy, processing, domestic and commercial sectors, produced from two large facilities in Christchurch and New Plymouth.

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Mercer S-Clave

Our S-Clave has the potential to change the dynamics of the sterile services market both domestically and internationally, with the further advantage of  reducing significantly the total operational expenditure of sterilisation, whilst achieving a lower carbon footprint and a reduction in cross-contamination or transference of infection.

Mercer S-Clave Video now online.

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Haden & Custance

Haden & Custance specialises in automated handling systems that prepare bulk cheese and butter for processing.

H&C is globally unique – developing and delivering market leading technology in response to each customer’s requirements. Turnkey solutions … beautifully delivered.

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Mercer S-Clave: The Next Natural Progression in Steam Sterilisation

Mercer has spent over seven years developing the S-Clave system which has international and national patents. The process involves placing surgical devices or instruments inside unique non-porous, plastic, trackable pouches. The S-Clave system process carries out the steam sterilisation process inside the non-porous bag or pouch and the entire sterilisation process is completed in a total of 15 minutes.